Curry Dipping Sauce

A super-simple dipping sauce great with everything from grilled artichokes to quinoa cakes.

Mustard-Shallot Vinaigrette

This is a French-inspired vinaigrette recipe is ideal for hearty, rustic salads. Once you've made this, you'll never go back to store-bought salad dressing.

Homemade Mayonnaise

This homemade mayonnaise recipe is rich and tangy in a way that mayo from a jar can't duplicate.

Guatemalan Guacamole Avocado Salad

Inspired by traditional Guatemalan avocado salad, this guacamole recipe has a couple of surprising ingredients. Serve it as an appetizer or a condiment.

Guatemalan Avocado Salad with Arugula and Chile-Lime Dressing

This is the salad I’ve settled on serving with the Pollo en Jocon we’ll be having for Thanksgiving—a mixture of creamy and rich and light and crisp (it’s a variation on a traditional Guatemalan recipe from the excellent book, False Tongues and Sunday Bread). I could tell you about how healthy the monounsaturated fats from the avocados are, but you already know that. Instead, just enjoy the dish.

Grilled Onions with Chile-Nut Puree

When I think of Mexico, I think of cebollitas (little onions), nestled in embers, turning buttery soft with a haunting smoky flavor. I like to wrap the charred tail around the bulb like wrapping string around a ball, then I scrape it through the flavorful paste and pop it in my mouth whole.

Bestest Buttermilk-Chive Dressing

There's something about a creamy, tangy, dare-I-say zippy buttermilk dressing that makes it positively craveable. And despite its richness, buttermilk has fewer calories than whole milk, so pour it on and let go of the guilt.

Go-to Vinaigrette

Feel free to experiment with the ingredients using these general ratios. Try swapping the garlic and white wine vinegar for shallots and champagne vinegar, for instance, or even ginger and rice wine vinegar.

Yogurt Sauce (Tzatziki)

The classic Greek condiment. This version, like the ones I had (and made) in Greece, is pungent with grated garlic.