About the Nourish Evolution

I’ve discovered that, while everyone’s journey is unique, there is a well-trod path when making the shift from processed food to real food — what I call the NOURISH Evolution. Watch this video for a tour:

The Five Stages of the NOURISH Evolution

Blissfully Blind Prairie: the first step in a NOURISH Evolution — or really, a “pre-step.” It’s where everyone begins, eating whatever is in the path of least resistance and having no desire to change.

The Pinnacles of Shouldangst: the stage in the NOURISH Evolution when you realize the consequences of the path of the Blissfully Blind Prairie. There is a compulsion to change, but not much will, and not much know-how.

The Hump: the “something” that moves you out of the Pinnacles of Shouldangst on the NOURISH Evolution towards greater change. Often, though not always,  a “ life event.” Find out what got me over The Hump>

Peaks and Valleys of Practice: the process of developing new habits through trial and error when making the shift from processed to real food.

The Land of NOURISH: when your default is cooking — and thoroughly enjoying — real food … within the complications and constraints of real life.

Everything I do on NOURISH Network is about helping you move forward on your NOURISH Evolution, while keeping that compassionate, patient, curious mindset that will fuel  long-term change (you can find out more about my NOURISH Evolution here). You can take a step right now by signing up below for nourishing inspiration and a fresh, seasonal recipe each week.