Revelationary Duck Confit

A simple technique allowing the duck legs to cook in their own juices yields a succulent duck confit that's lower in fat that traditional versions.

Asian Turkey Salad

This fresh, bright, light turkey salad with Asian flair is quite a departure from the usual all-American Thanksgiving leftovers.

Pumpkin Curry with Chicken Thighs

Any Gewurztraminer left over from Thanksgiving will go beautifully with this creamy, spicy, aromatic pumpkin curry. If you have a lime tree, crumple up a leaf and throw it into the curry as it simmers (then discard)—it will perfume the dish much as kaffir lime leaves do.

Miso- and Herb-Rubbed Applewood Smoked Heritage Turkey

Heritage turkeys give us a chance to connect to our country's history and the farmers dedicated to preserving their breeds . . . and to some tasty meat. The miso in this rub acts almost like a light brine, only without any of the mess.

Simplest Roast Chicken

This roast chicken recipe is is a comfort-food classic and probably the easiest you'll find anywhere. It's also one of the best.

Mahogany Grilled Chicken

To me there's something beguiling about a bronzed chicken leg fresh off the grill, and these most certainly fit that bill. Serve with fresh, creamy (easy) Romaine Slaw for a nice contrast of tastes and textures.

Chicken and Mushroom Lettuce Cups

I find that finger food naturally slows down a meal and focuses attention. When you've got juice dripping down your wrist and have to reach over your neighbor for the lettuce platter, it's hard not to have the meal take on a different tenor.

Thai Chicken Larb

Serve this flavorful filling with lettuce leaves and let everyone stuff their own to give a flavor of the communal nature of Thai meals.