Bulk Bins for Earth Day

bulk bin buys horizontal I’m big on milestones. New Year’s for reflecting and prioritizing, spring for weeding and cleaning out clutter (both literally and metaphorically). So with April being Earth Month, it seemed a good time to look for ways to move the needle a bit on the carbon footprint front. I’m trying to ride my bike into town…

A Winemaker’s Advice for a Laid-Back Thanksgiving

I recently had the pleasure of sitting next to Beringer’s winemaker, Laurie Hook, at a wine dinner focusing on Beringer’s outstanding wines from Knight’s Valley and thought she’d be the perfect person to tap for this year’s Thanksgiving pairings. Here’s what Laurie had to say.

Super Seven Sustainable Seafood Picks-2011

In honor of World Oceans Day, here are 7 sustainable seafood choices (plus 4 tips to pick other sustainable varieties) for conscientious shoppers who want fish to be around for the next generation.

Who Owns Organic?

Your favorite little mom-and-pop organic company is probably owned by a multinational corporation. Can organic go global and stay true to its roots? We examine what it means when Big Food moves into the organic market.

Nourishing Hero: Tamara Murphy

Meet our latest Nourishing Hero: Tamara Murphy, Seattle chef, local-food advocate and author of the new cookbook "Tender."

The Economics of Local Food

These days, you can buy local food in many places: farmers' markets, CSAs, even the supermarket. Which is the best deal for consumers and farmers alike?