Ruby-Studded Meringue Buttons

These little meringue buttons studded with cranberry and cherry "rubies" and slivered almonds are light as air. They make gorgeous gifts, and are great as little nibbles amidst the rich fare of the holidays.

Chocolate Chip-Candied Bacon Cookies

Chopped Candied Bacon adds little nuggets of savory sweetness to a classic cookie. I like the richness of dark chocolate chips, but semisweet or milk chocolate would be just as delicious. For a really down-home treat, use a mix of chocolate and peanut butter chips. This is a recipe that invites your innovation.

Boozy Orange-Pecan Truffles

One of my favorite desserts to make during the holidays is Chocolate Truffles. They’re super easy and freeze beautifully which means you can make them well-ahead. This version features three flavors perfect for the Thanksgiving table—orange, bourbon and pecan—and packs a lot of pleasure in just a few bites. ~ by Jacqueline Church

Cookies and Cream

These oatmeal cookies are thin and chewy. Sandwiching a scoop of ice cream between them makes for a crumbly mess. But trust me, you won’t mind. Use whatever flavor ice cream (or frozen yogurt) you choose . . . with the more virtuous versions, this dessert still comes in at under 200 calories.

Mini Oatmeal Tarts with Figs and Yogurt

These mini tarts taste like an oatmeal cookie topped with figs, honey and yogurt . . . only with a more grown-up look. They're the ultimate healthy dessert for summer.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Crostata

One of my mom's springtime standards is strawberry-rhubarb pie. Here's my take in a rustic crostata. In any form, rhubarb's tart taste is a perfect foil to sweet strawberries.