Lia’s Black Beans

These have become our favorite beans to accompany Latin American meals. Tender, creamy and full of flavor.

Spanish-Leaning Spinach and Chickpea Dip

I waffled about whether to name this 'hummus' or 'chickpea dip', but ultimately thought it veered far enough from tradition to go with the latter. It is, in any case, delicious. If you've ever had any doubt as to the strength of pounded garlic, this little dish will set you straight.

All-Purpose French Lentils

Our lentil recipe is the little black dress of dinner -- simple, elegant and always just right. Keep green lentils on hand to make this anytime.

Mushroom, White Bean and Sage Soup

If you have mushroom stems stashed away, make this with homemade Mushroom Stock. This vegan, gluten-free soup is hearty enough to make a meal with nothing more than a hunk of good bread.