Spiced Lamb and Bulgur Sliders in Lettuce “Buns”

One way of feeling like you're eating more when eating less is by serving it in a different form. Three of these "sliders" equates to about half the meat in a normal burger, yet they're so flavorful, satisfying and filling, you'll never miss the other half.

Chicken and Mushroom Lettuce Cups

I find that finger food naturally slows down a meal and focuses attention. When you've got juice dripping down your wrist and have to reach over your neighbor for the lettuce platter, it's hard not to have the meal take on a different tenor.

Green Pea Coulis

Peas definitely fall into the "can't get better than fresh-from-the-garden" category. Here, they end up in a gorgeous, Kelly-green coulis.

Thai Chicken Larb

Serve this flavorful filling with lettuce leaves and let everyone stuff their own to give a flavor of the communal nature of Thai meals.

Lemon-Herb Lamb Chops

These lamb chops remind me of my time on Corfu. After we'd close the restaurant late at night, we'd grill up a batch and set them in the middle of the table for everyone to nibble on in between stories or songs.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Crostata

One of my mom's springtime standards is strawberry-rhubarb pie. Here's my take in a rustic crostata. In any form, rhubarb's tart taste is a perfect foil to sweet strawberries.

Classic Blackened Catfish

This dish brings back memories of my college days in New Orleans when I used to make it at least once a week. Little did I know then that I was making a sustainable pick! I'll warn you from experience; your fire alarm will probably go off, so have a towel handy to fan the smoke away.