Heirloom Apples

Heirloom apples are gorgeous, yes, but they're also tasty ties to our regional heritage. What kinds can you find?

Body. Soul. Planet. Part 2

My soulful awakening around food happened during a year abroad in Europe. The reverberations, though, lasted decades.


If you’d like to show people the impact they have when they buy from a local farm or join a CSA versus sourcing food solely from the supermarket, here’s a great opportunity. We’ve been talking quite a bit lately about FRESH: The Movie. Now here’s your chance to see it yourself and show it to…

Wal-Mart’s Going Local

Wal-Mart has surprised and impressed many through their sustainable initiatives. Now, they're pledging to go local.

Nourishing Hero: Ana Sofia Joanes

Meet Nourishing Hero, "FRESH: The Movie" director/producer Ana Sofia Joanes, who put the spotlight on sustainable food heroes. Plus learn how you can schedule your own in-home screening of the movie!

Spiced Pork Roast

This dish is supremely delish with roasted root veggies. Choosing heritage pork will mean even more flavor. I love leftovers in a sandwich slathered with mustard and dotted with bread and butter pickles.

Tiny Cherry Tomato Sauce

This is the perfect tomatoe sauce to make with that extra pint of cherry tomatoes in your CSA box that’s sitting on your counter. Use it in a simple pasta or spoon it over a crispy chicken paillard.