Finding Satisfaction in Indulgence

For years, I rode the low-cal, low-fat bandwagon. Then, this year, I went to culinary school and a funny thing happened. I made a happy truce with fat.

Chocolate Chip-Candied Bacon Cookies

Chopped Candied Bacon adds little nuggets of savory sweetness to a classic cookie. I like the richness of dark chocolate chips, but semisweet or milk chocolate would be just as delicious. For a really down-home treat, use a mix of chocolate and peanut butter chips. This is a recipe that invites your innovation.

Candied Bacon

Can anything be more decadent than candied bacon? Looking like savory-sweet lollipops, these are wonderful crumbled into cookies, served over ice cream or as a nibble with cocktails.

Keep Your Eyes on the Sides

A lot of work goes into cooking a stellar bird, but I have a confession: I only have eyes for the sides. And supreme among side dishes is the sweet potato dish. Despite their sweetness, these tubers play nicely with savory ingredients, as evidenced in this bread pudding recipe.

Sweet Potato-Kale Bread Pudding

You can bake these little bread pudding muffins a few days ahead; cool and refrigerate. Reheat them in a low oven while the turkey rests. You also can cook this in a 2-quart baking dish instead of a muffin pan, if you prefer.