Meet the Nourish Team

lia-headshot-team-squareLia Huber, Founder and CEO

Lia Huber is NOURISH Network’s fearless team leader. She believes you don’t have to be a chef or “foodie” to cook fabulous-tasting food and you don’t need to be a nutritionist to make healthy choices. That’s why she founded NOURISH Network in 2009 to empower people to make the shift from processed food to real food by making little tweaks to their everyday life. Lia is also a widely-published writer and recipe developer for magazines like Cooking Light, Prevention and Health, and she speaks frequently on television and in person to rally others to the NOURISH Evolution.

My stage of the NOURISH Evolution: I’m in the Land of NOURISH. But I didn’t get there overnight. Learn more about my NOURISH Evolution here.

What I’ve learned from NOURISH: The whole concept of change being an evolution, rather than something dramatic overnight, was revolutionary to me. It’s like taking a deep breath, feeling your shoulders slide down a bit and saying to yourself, “We’re in this together, and we’ll get there.” It’s a compassionate way of holding the journey that allows you to work with yourself rather than against yourself. Really powerful.

Favorite NOURISH recipe: Garlicky Sauteed Spinach. I love how it goes with everything and that it takes about 5 minutes from my garden to getting it on the table.

alison-headshot-team-squareAlison Ashton, Director of Content Strategy

Alison combines editorial chops with classical Cordon Bleu culinary training to help founder Lia Huber chart a course for NOURISH Network’s content strategy and audience development. As senior food editor at Cooking Light, Alison led the food team to create award-winning features, and her recipes also have appeared in Vegetarian Times, Natural Health and other outlets. She is the founder of Content Kitchen, where she works with clients to develop tasty content strategy.

My stage of the NOURISH Evolution: I’m in the Land of NOURISH. Cooking is definitely my default. It’s something I do for enjoyment as much as necessity.

What I’ve learned from NOURISH: Thanks to NOURISH, I made the shift from processed to whole grains. I really enjoy adding new grains to my repertoire.

Favorite NOURISH recipe: Do I have to pick just one? Carnitas de Lia is one of my all-time favorites — just a handful of simple ingredients and a smart technique yield a fantastic, versatile meal. I also really love the Easy Mushroom Ragu; it’s a simple, meatless dish with deep, rich flavor. I make our NOURISHing No-Knead Bread every week because it’s fun!

Bshu headshot-2Bernadette Shu, Audience Outreach and Customer Service

With a background in online marketing, advertising sales and events for top brands, including Ziff-Davis Media, Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, Red Herring and Williams-Sonoma, Bernadette helps shape NOURISH Network’s consumer outreach and audience development. She’s also passionate about sustainable food and is an active volunteer with CUESA: Center for Urban Education and Sustainable Agriculture in San Francisco.

My stage of the NOURISH Evolution: Peaks and Valleys of Practice

What I’ve learned from NOURISH: To purchase more locally grown whole foods and read ingredient labels. I’ve also learned how to redesign my dinner plate to have more vegetables and whole grains with minimal meat.

Favorite NOURISH recipe: I must confess, Carnitas de Lia!

Christopher headshot-squareChristopher Huber, Dishwasher, Troubleshooter, and All Around Encourager

Lia’s husband, Christopher, is the founder and chief opener at DTC Uncorked, a company that guides businesses to deliver an authentic customer experience unique to their brand. Christopher has more than two decades of executive leadership experience working with top wine and hospitality brands, including Marriott International, Cakebread Cellars and Foley Family Wines. Certified by the Master Court of Sommeliers, Christopher is also the chief wine guru at NOURISH Network.

My stage of the NOURISH Evolution: Peaks and Valleys of Practice. I tend to get impatient with things (Lia calls me the Impatient Gardener), so I’m still working on transitioning my “defaults.”

What I’ve learned from NOURISH: I feel so much better when I eat NOURISHing food! And I love the way it tastes.

Favorite NOURISH recipe: I’m with Alison on the Carnitas de Lia. With avocado, cabbage, pickled onions and corn tortillas … it’s heaven.

noemimortarpestle-squareNoemi Huber, Chief Pesto Pounder

As Lia and Christopher’s daughter, Noemi is the youngest ambassador on the NOURISH team. She’s loves getting into the kitchen and is eager to try new foods. But watch out if there are grilled padron peppers nearby — she’ll knock you aside to get ‘em!

My stage of the NOURISH Evolution: The Land of NOURISH — I love cooking with Mom and Dad!

What I’ve learned from NOURISH: Food that’s good for me tastes good, too!

Favorite NOURISH recipe: Broccoli and Cheddar Quiche with a Quinoa Crust — I didn’t think I liked quinoa!

SONY DSCRascal Ashton, Mascot

Rascal staked out the kitchen on the first day she arrived in the Ashton household and serves as Alison’s chief taster. Rascal loves roasted veggies, watermelon and bacon.

My stage of the NOURISH Evolution: I’d say I’m in the Land of NOURISH. As a dog, I’m not prone to food “issues,” like guilt and angst. My people feed me well.

What I’ve learned from NOURISH: I’ve definitely expanded my palate when it comes to vegetables! More beets, please!

Favorite NOURISH recipe: Carnitas de Lia drives me insane — it smells so good and it cooks for hours