About Lia

Hi there,

I’m Lia Huber, and I was put on this planet to take you over The Hump on your NOURISH Evolution. So what does that mean?

It means I’ll get you to a place where everything to do with food in your world tastes amazing and feels as natural and comfortable as your favorite pair of slippers. No more angst. No more guilt. As in, forever.

You know how you want to eat. You want your plate filled with gorgeous vegetables and healthy whole grains, with a bit of chicken or steak or seafood that you don’t feel guilty (or worried) about eating. You want to not feel like you’re depriving yourself. And you want it to appear miraculously before you because you don’t have time to deal with it all.

What if I told you I could get you there? And what if I told you that it’s totally, completely normal that you may not have been able to get—and stay—there in the past?

Here’s a little secret.

As much as the people who tell you to “eat more vegetables” or “shop at the farmers’ market” mean well, it’s not as simple as just buying a bunch of kale. First, you’ve got to carve out time to get to the farmers’ market (and even find one). Then you’ve got to figure out where the heck to put all those greens once you get home (if you’ve ever tried to stuff a couple of bunches of Swiss chard in your crisper drawer, you’ll know what I mean), and how to wrangle them into a meal when you’ve got 15 minutes to get dinner on the table. And that’s not even mentioning how to cook them yet. Even if you have a good recipe, how many times can you make it before getting bored?

It’s not a lack of desire to be nourished on your part that causes you to pull out the frozen pizza when you’ve got a perfectly fine bunch of kale in the fridge. It’s that no one has led you over The Hump and through the Peaks and Valleys of Practice so that it’s just as easy to use the kale as it is to heat up the pizza.

That’s what I’m here to do for you.

You see, tipping the scale in favor of real food doesn’t take a brute force of will. Nor does it take quitting your job or farming out your kids or signing up for Homesteading 101. All it takes is replacing a few old patterns with new habits-in-the-making. Once they’ve become entrenched, you’ll notice you have considerably more energy and clarity. You’ll find shopping (for food anyway) actually relaxes you. You’ll find yourself looking forward to cooking dinner. And you’ll notice how totally unstressed you are at mealtimes.

How do I know all of this?

Because I’ve lived it (you can read the details of my own NOURISH Evolution here).

I went from a sick, stressed-out veggie hater to an energetic, infectiously encouraging NOURISH evangelist who can’t wait for the eggplant to ripen in her garden.

I’d been fighting the same 20 pounds for 10 years (and losing) when I was faced with a one-two punch of a lupus diagnosis and life-threatening cancer scare. My doctor was telling me I needed to eat differently if I was going to live. But I thought I was eating right … I had mastered low-fat spins on Blissfully Blind favorites so well that I was contributing to the most popular food magazines in the country (you can read the deets on my professional life here).

So I asked the experts—top researchers at Harvard School of Public Health, Tufts, Penn, etc.–where I was going wrong and what I needed to change.

I’ll tell you what, not one of them handed me a list of “power foods” or talked about some magic metabolic state. What every single one of them did tell me turned out to be distinctly un-newsworthy.

In a nutshell, they said, “Eat lots of seasonal vegetables with a handful of whole grains—and make them all taste scrumptious with some healthy fat. Oh, and throw in a bit of wisely chosen meat or chicken or seafood once in a while to round it all out.”

Even more interesting was the addendum each of them added after a pause. They all made the decidedly unscientific observation that eating isn’t just about the food … it’s about the entire experience of eating. They’d found the healthiest people in the world also enjoyed eating. These hard-baked scientists were confirming something I’d glimpsed during my time living in France, Greece and Latin America: That a meal was greater than just the sum of its nutritional value.

I spent the next five years–remember, it’s an evolution, not an overnight revolution–figuring out how to make those naturally nourishing foods into meals that I would crave every day. I knew that if I didn’t want to eat something, I wouldn’t for very long. I also unlearned a lot of the old paradigms (olive oil is going to make me fat!) that were hindering my ability to change.

Five years later, I was 20 pounds lighter, more energetic than I’d ever been as an adult, and looking forward to the farmers’ market each week.

And then … I became a mom.

Suddenly everything I’d learned about what to eat and why became even more important, yet any kind of cushion I’d had with time went completely out the window. I had to simplify. With about 45 minutes to get dinner on the table from start to finish, I had to develop a whole new set of skills.

It took a concerted effort, but I eventually developed an eating practice. You’ve heard of a “yoga practice” and a “meditation practice,” meaning you develop your skills as you carve deeper into the habit by returning to it again and again and again. Well, eating can be a practice too.

I knew what to eat, I knew how to eat, and I knew how to cook the meal within the confines of a busy schedule. And I wanted more than anything to share what I’d learned and shrink the time it would take others to get to the Land of NOURISH.

So I launched NOURISH Network. I began speaking on TV and teaching at places like Rancho La Puerta Resort and Spa. Now, I feel I’ve stepped into my life’s calling of empowering people like you to make a lasting shift from processed to real foods, while inspiring a mindset that allows you to fully enjoy all that the shift brings with it.

Because you know what? Being nourished is an incredible place to be. It’s like a big bear hug from someone you love combined with the zest of adventure.

Buckle up. Because here we go. I’m so glad you’re here.