Big City Lamb Souvlaki

When I lived on Corfu, souvlaki meant skewered cubes of grilled, marinated pork. But on a trip through Athens seeking out the best street food and mezedhes, we found this lamb version to be utterly addictive; moist and tender with just the right amount of spice.

The Basics of Braising

As the days grow grayer the light inside glows a tad warmer and anything cooked over a slow, mellow heat seems to suffuse our very souls with comfort. These, my friends, are braising days.

Braised and Glazed Five Spice Short Ribs

Braising renders tough cuts like these beef short ribs meltingly tender with relatively little hands-on cooking time (and the glaze makes the flavors even more intense). The ribs freeze beautifully, so cook up this extra large batch and stash half away for a later date.

Barramundi with Shallots and Chile

Barramundi's meaty yet flaky texture makes it a good pair for dishes with an Asian flair. Like this one, with caramelized shallots and chile and a savory splash of fish sauce.

Simplest Roast Chicken

This roast chicken recipe is is a comfort-food classic and probably the easiest you'll find anywhere. It's also one of the best.

Creamy Corn Polenta

Starchy, last-of-the-season corn is actually ideal for this polenta, giving it a natural creaminess, while the vanilla brings out its sweetness.

Know Why Organic Matters

As farmers’ markets shutter for the season and backyard gardens go to seed, many of us will retreat to the grocery store for the bulk of our food purchases. The question is, when “local” options dwindle, will you opt to buy organic?


Joanna Yarrow’s Eco Logical is like a groovy guidebook for navigating eco topics. She uses boiled-down-to-the-essence graphics and info-bites to tease out the main arguments of a topic and help us understand what’s at stake on both sides, and then leaves us to choose how to incorporate the information into our daily practices.

Don’t Give Up on Healthy Eating

Don't let a stray French fry or a week low on veggies trip you up. It’s the overall trajectory of each and every choice we make about our food that ultimately makes a difference.