Old World Meats Make a Comeback as a Sustainable Choice

Are bunnies the new chickens? Is bison the new beef? Will goat nudge lamb off the menu? While bison, goat, and rabbit aren’t new, per se, they are garnering fresh interest among chefs and home cooks (and media) eager for sustainable options.

Spring Pantry Cleaning Reinvigorates Your Cooking

The urge to do some serious spring cleaning has hit, and I wondered how many others shared my crazy pantry dilemma. So I’ve put together a list of the three most common ingredients lurking in cupboards and included ideas for using them.

Heritage Meat and Poultry: Eat it to Save it!

I dined on a Mulefoot pork chop at Cochon restaurant in New Orleans with a rush of pleasure, anxiety, and guilt. If this hog breed is endangered, should I be enjoying it so much? I thought. But in truth, the pork is what brought me to the restaurant. By eating the endangered breed, I might be helping to save it.

For the Love of Dumplings

A “taste of the heart” is just one of the translations for “dim sum,” but it’s one I favor. I find the description carries over to dumplings too, which are a major component of dim-sum and are featured at this time of Lunar New Year as a symbol of good luck.

Fumiko’s Gyoza

Years back, my mother took a Chinese cooking course and learned this recipe. Our family, including my husband now, has loved it for years. Napa cabbage is terrific this time of year. A vegetarian version is simple to make by subbing the pork with black mushrooms and slivered carrots. And remember, practice makes perfect and imperfect still tastes wonderful, so have fun.

From Cara Cara to Kumquats: Seasonal Citrus

If you think of citrus as the ubiquitous orange globes you see year-round at the supermarket, you’ve got an experience coming; winter is the prime season for most citrus and, as with most seasonal produce, there’s an exciting variety. A blood orange, with its bitter beauty, or a perfumey Meyer lemon, for instance, are exquisite examples of the joys of seasonal eating.

Chocolate Orange Pistachio Biscotti

Our chocolate biscotti recipe is infused of orange flavor from freshly grated zest. Made with cocoa, chopped chocolate and pistachios, it's an ideal cookie.

Feast of Seven Fishes

Ask an Italian what’s on the menu for the holidays and odds are good there will be fish. A lot of fish. For many Italian families Christmas Eve dinner is synonymous with La Festa dei Sette Pesci, the Feast of Seven Fishes. A holiday of eco-friendly roots that, once again, point to the wisdom of traditional ways.

Linguine with Red Clam Sauce

In keeping with the Southern Italian tradition, I added chopped tomatoes and a little wine to Rick Moonen’s recipe from his excellent Fish Without a Doubt. San Marzano are traditional; Muir Glen Organics are terrific, too.

A Welcome Thanksgiving

My Thanksgivings are never perfect, which is what makes them—ironically—perfect every year. Here are my tips on creating a welcoming atmosphere. ~ by Jacqueline Church