Find Your Wine Personality!

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I got an e-mail a while ago with challenge I couldn’t resist. Take a quiz, find out my “wine personality” and get matched up with a boutique wine (for $20) that was, ahem, made for me.

So I did it.

Wouldn’t you know, the quiz results called me a rebel and began with Walt Whitman’s quote “Resist much. Obey little.” Wow … they nailed me. Wine-wise, I expected a popular varietal and find-it-at-Safeway brand, but VinQuiz impressed me again with an interesting 2009 Botani Moscatel Seco from Spain.

Wine “personality” Jorge Ordonez transforms organic grapes that have had a long, uphill struggle (growing on slopes of up to 60 degrees) into something refreshing, approachable, interesting and floral, without being too sweet. Sound like someone you know?

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