“Taste of the East”

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Win a free copy of The 30-Minute Vegan’s Taste of the East (DaCapo Press)!

Always looking for exciting Meatless Monday inspiration? Curious about vegan cuisine? This week’s giveaway is for you.

Much of Asian cuisine is inherently vegan (or really easy to adapt for vegan dishes), and that’s only part of the reason why we love this cookbook by Mark Renfield and Jennifer Murray. It’s packed with 150 mouthwatering recipes, divided by country (India, Thailand, China and Japan). Plus, there’s a really cool “Fusion” section that spotlights flavors from other parts of Asia with recipes like Uzbekistani Chickpea Salad and Tibetan Dumplings. They even have directions to make key condiments, like Fish-Free Sauce.

Renfield is the founding chef of the vegan Blossoming Lotus Restaurant (originally in Hawaii, now in Portland, Oregon); Murray is an expert in vegan and raw cuisine. Many of the book’s recipes are inspired by their world travels.

We’re giving away one free copy of The 30-Minute Vegan’s Taste of the East to a lucky Nourish Network member.

But, friends, you have to play to win all this bold flavor.

So here’s the deal. Normally, we’ll have a link here where you can go to the Weekly Giveaway group forum and sign up to win. But we’re having a bit of a glitch setting up new forums at the moment, so just leave a comment here to be entered to win (important: be sure you’re signed in to Nourish Network so we can find you … or sign up, if you haven’t alreadyonly Nourish Network members are eligible to win).

Lia will announce the winner in next Friday’s Friday Digest!

Good luck!

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  • Julie

    If I won, I might do a Julie and Julia (one recipe each day) as it is right up my alley.

  • connorsmom

    Asian and quick. Sounds great!

  • http://nourishnetwork.com/members/ewhelan/ Ellen-Marie Whelan

    As a vegetarian, cooking an Asian meal in half an hour would be wonderful. I just took a cooking class with Lia (which was awesome!) and I can chop now an onion efficiently – maybe I could do one of these meals in 29 minutes ;~)

  • PattiA

    Quick and vegan, that sounds like a great combination.

  • http://noteasytobegreen.wordpress.com Jennifer

    Eating vegan is so much easier when you don’t have to worry about replacing dairy. Asian food has so much flavor to begin with, it just doesn’t need it!

  • jwernimo

    Love the book and am dying to put some of those potent radical-fighting curries to work for me!

  • http://veganjunkfood.net Sugarbear

    Love the Blossoming Lotus and Love Asian food so I can’t wait to try some of these recipes!

  • rnlizzieo

    Aside from stir-fry, I don’t cook Asian food very often. Having this book would certainly widen my horizons!

  • http://nourishnetwork.com/members/liahuber/ Lia Huber

    Julie … You’re the winner! Please post here again after signing in, so I can reach you in the member area and get you your way cool nourishing t!